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Cluster Headache Diaries

Cluster Headache Intensity Scale

  1. Slight twinge of the CH type of pain. Shadows.
  2. Normal headache type of intensity. Annoying, but life is still beautiful.
  3. Shadows are getting constant but can deal with it.
  4. Higher level of pain than normal headache. Interferes with normal life.
  5. Starting to get bad, want to be left alone to deal with it.
  6. Need to pace and move and drive your fist into your temple.
  7. Major non-stop pain, left feeling exhausted after it finally leaves.
  8. Immense paid, time to yell, bang head, rock, whatever works. Fear that it won't stop.
  9. The "Why me?" syndrome starts to set in.
  10. Screaming, head banging. Hospital trip. Depressed. Suicidal.

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SimonInWa's CH attack diary

SimonInWa's Profile

Monday 30 January, 2012: 12:00pm - 02:30am


Woke me up from sleep an hour after going to bed.
Had taken mersyndol before bed.
When attack came on it was exactly at 12am. Paced around aimlessly for a while, then had a cold/hot/cold/hot shower till the main pain passed. Sat in the shower till I thought it was over, then dried off and went to bed, stage 2 started at about 1am then stage 3 at 2am. When this stage happened, I took pseudoephidrine even though I thought it would keep me awake. It didn't and I was able to sleep in until about 7ish. Then the shadow started that lasted most of the day.

Sunday 29 January, 2012: 12:00pm - 01:00am


Tuesday 24 January, 2012: 09:30pm - 10:00pm


Just had a really short episode. Probably doesnt really constitute a CH, but the pain started after a day of shadow. I went to the chemist today and he gave me some mersyndol so I took that when I thought I was getting the CH tonight. He also gave me a sinus rinse. The combination of the two of them seems to have aborted the CH for now. Fingers crossed.

Tuesday 24 January, 2012: 12:00pm - 02:00pm


Just started to creep up a bit more than the shadow that I have had all day. I had lunch so that I could take some neurofen and some more pseudoephidrine.

Tuesday 24 January, 2012: 07:00am - 12:00pm


Not much to speak of so far today. It has been ok up to lunch time. Just a lingering shadow that I have had since I woke up this morning. I took some sudofed and zirtecc at about 8am. I am feeling a bit of pain in my right jaw that seems to be a result of the pain from the CH I had all of last night. It is clicking when I eat and doesn't really feel right.

Monday 23 January, 2012: 10:30pm - 02:30pm


This one hit just before bed as a strong shadow feeling but then kicked in hard as I went to bed. I lay down for a few minutes and then had to get up. I paced around aimlessly for ages and all the LED lights in the house seemed to be laser beams piercing my eyes. I tried a cold pack over my eyes and that didnt seem to help. I got a heat pack and put it in the microwave.. The light from the microwave was killing me so I was trying to do it all with my right eye closed and then with both closed but the pain was so excruciating. The heat pack seemed to help a little bit and then only for a little while. I had to keep removing the heat pack and moving it to other parts of my face or neck or shoulder. Lay down on the couch with the heat pack over my eyes but hardly any relief. Moved to another couch and took the heat pack off. Started to just tell myself that everything will be ok and take deep steady breaths. After about an hour it seemed to have gone away, so I went back to bed. About a minute passed and it was back in it's full glory. I got up again and returned to my pacing, heat pack, lounge... nothing. Woke my wife up asked her why it was happening to me. I know there is no answer to that question. I decided to have a shower to see what that would do. Started with my head under the shower with just the cold tap on. I was shivering and this is the height of summer in Perth. It didnt help so I got the hot tap on hard and got in to the shower. I just stood there for about 20 minutes with the hot water running over my face and shoulders. Eventually I thought I would try the cold shower again. I think this actually helped, or it could be that the CH had run out of steam. I went to bed and got to sleep at about 3am. Awake again at 7 for work. This is not going to be a fun day. :(

Monday 23 January, 2012: 07:00pm - 09:00pm


Still going on from earlier today. All the time my right shoulder is sore and tight. The constant feeling above my right eye is annoying and I can just tell I will get another CH tonight.

Monday 23 January, 2012: 04:00pm - 05:00pm


At work been working on getting my posture correct in front of the computer. Shadow has been around all day and is intensifying as I work. I just want to go home, but I am having trouble seeing as the light sensitivity increases. I close my eyes and try to correct my posture. Heavy breathing is all I can do right now. I had taken some pseudoephidrine and that hadnt helped, so I took a couple of neurofen. That also didnt work, so I had to wait till it had cleared after about an hour so that I could leave the office.
The pain had gone and I could see again, but the stuffy nose and shadow still hung around till dinner.