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Cluster Headache Diaries

Cluster Headache Intensity Scale

  1. Slight twinge of the CH type of pain. Shadows.
  2. Normal headache type of intensity. Annoying, but life is still beautiful.
  3. Shadows are getting constant but can deal with it.
  4. Higher level of pain than normal headache. Interferes with normal life.
  5. Starting to get bad, want to be left alone to deal with it.
  6. Need to pace and move and drive your fist into your temple.
  7. Major non-stop pain, left feeling exhausted after it finally leaves.
  8. Immense paid, time to yell, bang head, rock, whatever works. Fear that it won't stop.
  9. The "Why me?" syndrome starts to set in.
  10. Screaming, head banging. Hospital trip. Depressed. Suicidal.

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Bazil's CH attack diary

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Thursday 20 August, 2009: 1530 - 1550


Migrastick mid morning. ISOPTIN 3 times throughout the day. Mild CH at 1530, applied Migrstick and took 2 x CAFERGOT and 1 x PRODEINE FORTE and applied ice pack at work. Pain subsided within 20min. BULL-YEAH!!! I am actually happy! Can you believe it? I am confident that they are just about gone!

Next entry should say 19/8/09. Doh!

Thursday 20 August, 2009: 1500 and 2030 - 1530 and 2100


Got rid of the flu yesterday so feeling better. Still a little heady but much better. Feeling happy about the ice pack last night. Not as scared of a CH onset knowing that it helped so much. Am still positive about Bowen Theropy as well. Have a follow up appointment on the 24.08.2009. Took ISOPTIN three times throughout the day. Niggling pain at 1000 and applied Migrastick. Mild attack at 1500. Took 2 x CAFERGOT and 1 x PRODEINE FORTE and pain subsided. Another mild attack at 2030 and repeated the 2 x CAFERGOT and 1 x PRODEINE FORTE and combined it with ice pack and pain again subsided without building. Feeling much better about the CH's and feel as though remission is just aroud the corner.

Tuesday 18 August, 2009: 1500 - 1600


Felt like crap when I woke up due to lastnights CH and lack of sleep. Took ISOPTIN three times during the day. Had BOWEN THEROPY at 1200 as a treatment for MIGRAINE headaches. CH onset at 1500. Took 2 x CAFERGOT and 1 x PRODEINE FORTE. Pain wasn't tto bad and was able to sit up. Pain worsened after 30min and took 1 x CAFERGOT and 1 x PRODEINE FORTE and laid down with ice pack. Moved ice pack around right side of head continously for 30min and pain disappeared and didn't intensify. Will deffinately try the ice pack again.

Monday 17 August, 2009: 1900 - 2300


Took 3 x ISOPTIN during the day. CH at 1900. Massive! Took 2 x CAFERGOT and 1 x PRODEINE FORTE and waited for 45min but no relief. Took 1 x CAFERGOT and 1 x PRODEINE FORTE at 1945. Pain was still intense and continued for another hour and slept for one hour. Woke with strong waves of pain and took 2 x PANADOL STRONG PAIN REFLIEF at 2200. Pain continued for another hour and then slept for an hour. Awake from 0000 till 0300 feeling very drained and exhausted

Saturday 15 August, 2009: 0920 - 1005


CH at 0920. Took 2 x CAFERGOT and 1 x PRODEINE FORTE. Pain stayed for 45min. Took ISOPTIN twice during the day. Had 4 x beers in the evening.

Friday 14 August, 2009: 0800 - 0830


Took 60min to get to sleep last night. Woke with dull ache. Took 2 x CAFERGOT at 0800. No migraine but mild dull ache at back right hand side of head. Feeling a bit nausous. Took ISOPTIN twice during the day and no alcohol

Thursday 13 August, 2009: 1930 - 2130


Woke up with a "normal" headache. Took 2 x panadol at 0630. Migraine started at 0755 and took 2 x Cafergot. Intenase pain. Watering right eye and runny nose. Went home and took 1 x Imagrin at 0830 and laid down with pain subsiding at around 0900 and fell asleep. Woke at 0930 with same pain. Took 2 x Anagriane and laid down again with pain subsiding around 1000 and fell asleep till 1030. Had Doctor's appointment with Dr I Brown to discuss and presented migraine log. She diagnosed the condition as CLUSTER HEADACHES and prescribed ISOPTIN 40mg as a preventitive and CAFERGOT 1mg and PRODEINE FORTE 30mg - 500mg. I had no alcohol during the day. Migraine onset at 1930 and took 2 x CAFERGOT and 2 x PADADOL and gave it 30min as suggested by Dr I Brown. Pain eased slightly and intensified after about 60min but was bearable. Took 1 x CAFERGOT and 1 x PRODEINE FORTE and 1 x ISOPTIN before bed.

Tuesday 11 August, 2009: 2200 - 0000


Struggled to get up this morning due to the rough night before. Right hand side of head tendure to touch. Bit fuzzy headed all day. Not feeling 100%. Conscious of a headache just sitting there ready to come out. Bought a Migrastick (hearbal roll on) which masked the dull throb. No alcohol after work. Ate dinner. Kids to bed. Migraine started at 2200 and took 2 x Cafergot. Intense and got up to take more medication at 2220 and took 2 x Panadol. Some relief and it slowly lessened and was able to stay awake. Took another Cafergot at 2330 as it started to get worse again. Showered and applied Migrstick and went to sleep

Monday 10 August, 2009: 1915 - 2300


Not a stressful day at work. Wife away. Did a few errands on the way home. Started preparing dinner and had 1 x GNT. Dished up dinner and started 2nd GNT and half finished it. Massive migraine at 1915 and took 2 x Cafergot. Took 1 x Imagrin at 1945. Pain still there and took 1 x Mersyndol at 2015. No relief and getting worse took 1 x Cafergot and 1 x Forte at 2045. Right eye watering continousley. Cold and clemy. Felt nausous. Passed out and woke at 0130 hungry, fuzzy and exhausted but no pain

Tuesday 04 August, 2009: 1930 - 2030


Same time of the evening. Massive migraine after 2 x beers. Took 2 x Anigraine no relief. Took 1 x Mersyndol. Intense pain for about one hour. Watering right eye, sore neck.

Monday 03 August, 2009: 1930 - 2000


First Migraine in 8 years. Late in the evening after 2 x beers. Took 2 x Anigraine laid down and went to sleep