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Cluster Headache Diaries

Cluster Headache Intensity Scale

  1. Slight twinge of the CH type of pain. Shadows.
  2. Normal headache type of intensity. Annoying, but life is still beautiful.
  3. Shadows are getting constant but can deal with it.
  4. Higher level of pain than normal headache. Interferes with normal life.
  5. Starting to get bad, want to be left alone to deal with it.
  6. Need to pace and move and drive your fist into your temple.
  7. Major non-stop pain, left feeling exhausted after it finally leaves.
  8. Immense paid, time to yell, bang head, rock, whatever works. Fear that it won't stop.
  9. The "Why me?" syndrome starts to set in.
  10. Screaming, head banging. Hospital trip. Depressed. Suicidal.

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jjimbo68's CH attack diary

jjimbo68's Profile

Friday 16 August, 2013: 03:00am - 12:00pm


My headaches come approx every 2 to 2 and a half years this current lot of attacks started on the 16/08/13 it started with shadows I knew straight away what was instore I was expecting them after October no I was so lucky (not) I got them in time for my birthday during the last 14 days I've had attacks that range in severity from 1 to 9 and from 22/8 till yesterday thay have had a severity of between 6 and 7 currently it's 2 I have had these headaches for 8 years every 2 years for between 18 and 22 days then gone and it don't come back for at least 2 years had last attack in October 2011 so it's early this time just to keep you on your toes and people don't understand just how painful it is

Above period: 2 Attacks over 1 days.

-- Period of remission (187 weeks, 2 days) --

Wednesday 13 January, 2010: n/a - n/a


since the last report i had 2 days without an attack but the headache still sat there but could cope on the 3rd day had an attack lasted about 40 min before tramadol kicked in after attack just sat there for 2 days before another attack and yesterday morning had a beauty lasted about 45min has been sitting there ever since as time goes on tramadol is taking longer to work and is not as effective as it first was

Tuesday 05 January, 2010: 515pm -


just starting up took 1x100mg tramadol good stuff takes about 20 30 min and reduces to dull pain