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Cluster Headache Diaries

Cluster Headache Intensity Scale

  1. Slight twinge of the CH type of pain. Shadows.
  2. Normal headache type of intensity. Annoying, but life is still beautiful.
  3. Shadows are getting constant but can deal with it.
  4. Higher level of pain than normal headache. Interferes with normal life.
  5. Starting to get bad, want to be left alone to deal with it.
  6. Need to pace and move and drive your fist into your temple.
  7. Major non-stop pain, left feeling exhausted after it finally leaves.
  8. Immense paid, time to yell, bang head, rock, whatever works. Fear that it won't stop.
  9. The "Why me?" syndrome starts to set in.
  10. Screaming, head banging. Hospital trip. Depressed. Suicidal.

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craig's CH attack diary

craig's Profile

Friday 27 January, 2012: 04:25pm - 05:15pm


Thursday 26 January, 2012: 10:15pm - 11:55pm


Another one 1 hr after going to bed waited 20 min to see if it would pass no ,took relpax 20 min after that releif

Thursday 26 January, 2012: 04:30am - 05:50am


Wednesday 25 January, 2012: 03:00pm - 03:30pm


Took relpax got a hold of it for now over it

Wednesday 25 January, 2012: 10:40am - 11:50am


Tuesday 24 January, 2012: 04:50pm - 06:00pm


left feeling exhausted after this one took a relpax settled right down now

Monday 23 January, 2012: 10:35pm - 11:40pm


Monday 23 January, 2012: 02:15am - 03:00am


Sunday 22 January, 2012: 02:10pm - 03:15pm


Sunday 22 January, 2012: 11:10am - 11:55am


try to let it pass on its own but had to take imigran

Saturday 21 January, 2012: 08:00pm - 09:30pm


Took one relpax and 2 nurofen settled down after hour to the point where i could sort of sleep

Saturday 21 January, 2012: 01:15am - 01:50am


Friday 20 January, 2012: 08:10pm - 09:00pm


Took relpax paced around a bit to come right

Thursday 19 January, 2012: 12:15pm - 02:00am


woke with pain around 2 hrs after went to bed ,Took a relpax and imigran nasal spray

Wednesday 18 January, 2012: 10:50pm - 11:40pm


took imigran then could go back to sleep after a ,while

Wednesday 18 January, 2012: 11:00am - 11:30am


took imigran settled down

Tuesday 17 January, 2012: 11:10pm - 12:15pm


took a relpax and it settled down after 30 min or so

Monday 16 January, 2012: 10:25pm - 11:05pm


took a imigran nasal spray went pretty quick

Sunday 15 January, 2012: 10:35pm - 10:50pm


2 nurofen then went back to sleep thinking this is the start of it again

Above period: 20 Attacks over 13 days.

-- Period of remission (62 weeks, 4 days) --

Thursday 11 November, 2010: 08:00am - 05:00am


Thursday 11 November, 2010: 01:15am - 02:00am


slight twinges but nothing major a couple of nurofen advance then back to sleep then awake again at 6.00am with same thing

Wednesday 10 November, 2010: 01:15pm - 07:00pm


really bad cant manage any more forced my self off to hospital was put on oxagen then on to drip for 1 hour then feeling better but like very drunk after wards

Wednesday 10 November, 2010: 02:30am - 03:10am


Tuesday 09 November, 2010: 12:30pm - 02:00pm


been to the doctor while this one was occuring got som imigran nasal just used waiting for a result

Tuesday 09 November, 2010: 04:00am - 05:00am


Monday 08 November, 2010: 10:00am - 01:15am


slow starting increasing pain steady down after awhile then back now its 5.00pm and slight pain still there with nasal passage on the side still partial blocked a lot of discomfort

Saturday 06 November, 2010: 05:00am - 06:50am


nurofen not helping

Friday 05 November, 2010: 04:50am - 05:40am


nurofen no help

Tuesday 02 November, 2010: 10:40pm - 11:30pm


Took nurofen no help again

Monday 01 November, 2010: 10:35pm - 11:25pm


took 2 nurofen no help at all

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