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Supporters tips

What do sufferers need from supporters?

Thanks to Shell for starting this list in the forum.

From Dusker:
I have awful feelings of being alone during stages of an attack--I recommend it is better to say be with someone during an attack unless told to go away. (this is where it is important that the relative/friend needs to know what to do--my poor husband had no idea what was going on in the early days)
It is imperative that someone is with a person during the agitation period to ensure that they do no harm to themselves (I have had to be physically restrained at my worst)
Supporter need to be aware that could be abused and loved within seconds of each other, they need to be patient
Supporters MUST NEVER say they know someone with headaches or that they have headaches too
Supporters should never question or recommend any other treatment during an attack
Do not sympathise, but do not say do not cry--(liable to get a response from me --I'll bloody cry if I want to--don't tell me what to do!!--in my angry stage)

I must have access to a clock or a watch, as I time everything.
Water, water, water
I have to move, dont restrain me